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Under The Colorful Rain

Under The Colorful Rain


  • 24" x 36"


Under The Colorful Rain is an original oil painting on a gallery stretched canvas.


The entire painting is a symphony of color and movement. The pointillistic technique ensures that no single color dominates; instead, the myriad of dots work together to form a cohesive and lively image. The viewer's eye blends the colors, creating a vivid and dynamic impression of a rainy day filled with colorful umbrellas. The meticulous placement of each dot showcases the artist's skill and patience, resulting in a vibrant and captivating scene that invites viewers to appreciate both the individual elements and the overall composition.


The sky is filled with a cascade of colorful rain, represented by myriad dots of varying hues. Each raindrop is a tiny dot, contributing to a shimmering effect. The rain isn't just blue or gray; it incorporates an array of colors—reds, greens, yellows, and blues- adding to the lively and whimsical atmosphere.


In a pointillistic oil painting of colorful rain and umbrellas, the artist employs small, distinct dots of pure color to create a vibrant and dynamic scene. This technique, inspired by the works of Georges Seurat and Paul Signac, emphasizes the use of individual color spots to form a cohesive image when viewed from a distance.


A certificate of authenticity issued by artist is included.

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  • Returns

    Original paintings are non-returnable unless they do not arrive in good condition.

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