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Big City Dreams

Big City Dreams

Big City Dreams is an original oil painting (triptych) on a 3 gallery stretched canvases. All deep sides painted as a continuation of the front. Inspired by rainy days.

Big City Dreams is an exquisite original oil painting that captures the essence of a bustling metropolis on a rainy day.

Overall, this original oil painting, combining a cityscape triptych with elements of abstract style and pointillism, captures the essence of a vibrant metropolis in a visually captivating and dynamic manner. It is a testament to the artist's skill and creativity, providing viewers with a unique and engaging visual experience.


The artist incorporates various techniques to create depth and perspective within the cityscape. The use of overlapping shapes, varying scales, and strategic placement of color and light contribute to the illusion of a three-dimensional urban environment. The painting invites viewers to explore the cityscape, discovering hidden details and narratives within the abstracted scenes.



Each canvas 36" x 36"

Total size 108" x 36"



It does not require framing and is ready to hang. Affordable US and global shipping is available. A certificate of authenticity issued by artist is included.

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