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Chrysanthemums Bloom

Chrysanthemums Bloom

Chrysanthemums Bloom is an original oil painting on a gallery stretched canvas, ready to hang, wire included. All deep sides painted as a continuation of the front. 


Chrysanthemums Bloomis an exquisite oil painting that captures the beauty and elegance of a vibrant chrysanthemum garden in full bloom. Created with masterful brushwork and a rich color palette, this artwork transports the viewer into a world of delicate petals and captivating hues.


The painting depicts a lush garden scene, with a profusion of chrysanthemums scattered throughout the composition. The artist skillfully portrays a variety of chrysanthemum blooms, showcasing their diverse forms and colors. From large, fully opened flowers to tight buds waiting to unfurl, each bloom is meticulously rendered with intricate details that highlight the complexity and charm of these beloved flowers.


Light plays a crucial role in Chrysanthemums Bloom. The artist skillfully manipulates light and shadow to create depth and dimension within the composition. Soft, diffused light gently illuminates the petals, casting subtle shadows that add a three-dimensional quality to the painting. This interplay of light and shadow brings the chrysanthemums to life, imbuing them with a sense of movement and presence.


The composition of Chrysanthemums Bloom is balanced and thoughtfully arranged. The artist arranges the flowers in a way that draws the viewer's eye across the canvas, allowing them to explore the intricacies of each individual bloom. The brushstrokes are confident and expressive, capturing the energy and vitality of the subject matter.



  • 18" x 18"



  • Returns

    Original paintings are non-returnable unless they do not arrive in good condition.

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