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Sunset Reverie

Sunset Reverie

Sunset Reverie is an original oil painting on a gallery stretched canvas. 

The painting exudes a sense of peacefulness, encouraging viewers to pause and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature's grand finale. It is a timeless portrayal of the allure and serenity of a magnificent sunset, a moment of fleeting beauty that the artist has skillfully preserved on canvas.
Sunset Reverie is a breathtaking oil painting that captures the essence of a tranquil evening sky as the sun dips below the horizon. The canvas, of substantial size, engulfs the viewer in a wash of warm and vivid colors, evoking a sense of calm and awe.


All deep sides painted as a continuation of the front.



  • 36" x 36"


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A certificate of authenticity issued by artist is included.


  • Returns

    Original paintings are non-returnable unless they do not arrive in good condition.

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