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Wonderland is an original oil painting on a gallery stretched canvas. 


Wonderland is a captivating oil painting that invites viewers to immerse themselves in a whimsical and fantastical urban world. It sparks the imagination, evokes a sense of wonder, and celebrates the boundless possibilities of art and the human imagination.

The artist's approach to abstraction allows for interpretation and personal connection. While the subject matter is recognizable as a cityscape, the distorted forms and vibrant colors invite viewers to explore their own perceptions and emotions. Each observer can project their own experiences and associations onto the canvas, creating a unique and personal connection with the artwork.

All deep sides painted as a continuation of the front.



  • 48" x 30"


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A certificate of authenticity issued by artist is included.


  • Returns

    Original paintings are non-returnable unless they do not arrive in good condition.

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